Francisco Rocco, PH.D.

Developmental Psychologist


Supporting the development of children in the Bay Area for over a decade...

Dr. Francisco Rocco is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 20894) with specialties in several areas of early childhood mental health and child psychology. He holds a combined doctoral degree in clinical psychology and school psychology from the University of California in Santa Barbara. His broad academic training and diverse clinical experiences make him uniquely qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat children with developmental, academic, socio-emotional, and behavioral vulnerabilities. Dr. Rocco has worked at prominent clinical and research institutions such as Children's Hospital Los Angeles, UCLA, and UC Santa Barbara. He currently holds a senior position (Psychologist III) in the Department of Pediatrics at UCSF / San Francisco General Hospital. He also has a thriving private practice in San Francisco's jazz district (Fillmore & Geary). Dr. Rocco is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Autism: Dr. Rocco specializes in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders, including autism. His interventions are strongly based on developmental approaches, such as the the DIR - Floortime model pioneered by Dr. Stanley Greenspan; however, Dr. Rocco has an eclectic approach to treatment, focusing on what works for the specific child and family. Thus, Dr. Rocco has schooled himself on a variety of evidence-based naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions and is able to adjust focus and dosage depending on response to treatment and the evolving needs of the child and family. Dr. Rocco sees clients at a child development clinic in the Fillmore district that includes a large playroom and a motor-sensory gym. This arrangement allows for a variety of intrinsically motivating activities that engage the child's imagination, creativity, and sensory-motor preferences.

Social Skills Training Groups: In collaboration with Jazmin Elek, OTR/L and a staff of trained developmental interventionists, Dr. Rocco facilitates peer play groups for children with a range of developmental and psychological vulnerabilities that impact their ability to connect, play socially, and make friends. These services may be funded through private insurance or the Golden Gate Regional Center.



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