Full Spectrum Developmental Support and Therapy

Areas of Service


Autism & Developmental Disorders

Dr. Rocco bases his interventions with children with developmental challenges in the groundbreaking Developmental Individualized Relationship (DIR) Method created by Dr. Stanley Greenspan M.D. This treatment approach, also know as Floortime (or Floor Time) is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for children affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS, other disorders of relating and communicating, regulatory and attention disorders, and learning, motor, and sensory integration disorders. The DIR/Floortime intervention model is based on a functional developmental approach to assessment and intervention. The functional assessment includes a thorough investigation of all possible contributing factors and repeated observations of child-caregiver interactions. The resulting developmental profile highlights the child's strengths and vulnerabilities in communication, cognition, and emotional domains. A comprehensive and individually tailored treatment plan is then implemented to assist the child in attaining progressive developmental capacities such as shared attention and regulation, engagement, purposeful communication, complex social interactions, creative use of ideas, and abstract thinking. Parent and family participation as well as school involvement are crucial to bring about change.

Social Skills Groups (Peer Play)

Therapeutic group series are currently being offered for children with socialization challenges. Appropriate participants include children with high functioning Autism, Asperger Syndrome, social anxiety, and/or difficulties relating with peers. Children with sensory modulation and/or integration challenges would also benefit from this group. Staff includes specialists representing a variety of disciplines including developmental pediatrics, occupational therapy, psychology, and special education. Normally developing children are also included as play mentors. These children benefit from the group offerings while simultaneously modeling pro-social behaviors to their more vulnerable peers. For more information, you may access our website or email / call Dr. Rocco at / (415) 944-9320.

Assessments and Educational Advocacy

Dr. Rocco has extensive experience in psycho-educational and psycho-diagnostic assessment as well as training in special education laws and regulations. Dr. Rocco has successfully advocated for many families of children with special needs and is available to perform independent assessments of children from preschool through high school.