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About Dr. Rocco

Dr. Francisco Rocco was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but lived most of his childhood and adolescence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A lifelong fascination for cultural diversity and a desire to understand the depth of the human experience led him to travel extensively during his young adult years. He lived and worked in eight different countries spanning South America, Europe and Asia, where he pursued a variety of career, intellectual, and spiritual interests.

During the early 90's he established himself in United States, where he obtained his Bachelor degree in psychology from Florida State University and his Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Psychology and School Psychology from University of California at Santa Barbara. His rich and at times challenging life experience has helped Dr. Rocco develop perspective, resourcefulness, flexibility and emotional maturity that he brings to his work as a psychologist.

Dr. Rocco has private practices in San Francisco and Oakland. He can communicate in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. He offers individual, family, and group therapy as well as psycho-educational and autism spectrum diagnostic assessments. Please refer to the Services section for details.